(June 2019)

Scored & Performed by Steven Horner, with the creative collaboration of the audience

fascinating to watch... entrancing, almost maniacal
— Dasha Bulatova, repeatperformances.org

350 & Million Moving Targets
(January 2019)

FRESH 2019, Choreographed by Byb Chanel Bibene

Selected Scores
Halprin Performance Lab
(October 2018)

part of Anna Halprin Body Radical retrospective at the De Young Museum


(June 2018)

Scored by Steven Horner

Performed by Susan Nalaboff Brilliant, Maggie Silverman, James Orlando and Steven Horner


The Rule of Three
(Dec 2017)

Scored by Steven Horner

Performed by Janelle Gleason, Rosanna Chiu and Steven Horner

Primal, thought-provoking, embodied
Tribal, guttural and somewhat sexual
Beautiful, raw, engaging and alive
Vulnerable and earthy
Exciting, unexpected

Object [Im]permanence
(Feb 2017)

Scored and Performed by Steven Horner

A video of Object [Im]permanence exists.
Due to its personal nature, viewing is by request only.


Other Photos