"A Sophisticated Mover,
with an Engaged and Focused Presence"*

Biography & Artistic Statement


I create an authentic world by displaying my wild courage through explosive, powerful movement


My Current Explorations

Through my own personal journey I have become fascinated by the energy produced within and by the male body and the male experience. Here I have discovered a locus where the grace of the movement of the body (often produced as formal dance) and the ecstatic expression and release of physical energy (most often produced during intense sporting activities) meet – which is not to say that sport does not have grace nor that dance does not have expression and release of physical energy: they do! The point here is to explore where those aspects of movement meet. I know that I am not alone in discovering this place, but it fascinates me nevertheless.

I am curious about the relationship between performers and audience/witnesses and challenging this passive relationship.

I am increasingly interested in moving in non-traditional dance directions, merging the practices of “dance” with “sport” and “improvisational theater”.

Watching Steven perform was thrilling, I imagined anything could happen
— audience feedback, October 2017

I have scored and/or performed in solo, group, and ensemble improvised works at the Tamalpa Institute, City College of San Francisco, SAFE House Arts, De Young Museum, and San Francisco’s alternative dance festival FRESH. 

I am a member of Anna Halprin’s Wednesday night Performance Scoring Lab.


What Moved Me to Move

Following a 20-year desk-bound corporate career featuring relocations through four countries, I moved from living in my mind to reside in my body, focusing on discovering and sharing the practices of somatic awareness and expressive improvised movement.
In addition to completing a Dance and Aerobic Fitness Certificate and learning from movement artists (Anna Halprin, Joy Cosculluela, Christy Funsch, Jess Curtis, Shinichi Iova-Koga, Ruth Zaporah), I am nearing completion to be certified as a movement-based expressive arts therapist and Registered Somatic Movement Educator/Therapist at the Tamalpa Institute.

I facilitate movement classes and workshops designed exclusively to aid men to get in touch with their bodies through a unique blend of high intensity exercise and non-choreographed dance (APE . Men Social Motion).

I dance with abandon.


* Christy Funsch, Funsch Dance Experience



Vision Image.jpg

I envision a world filled with explosive, powerful joy, which is messy yet exciting but contained by movement, touch and voice